Nokia image win 


Scott Meyers presents false sharing (sub-case of cache thrashing)

Code::dive conference successfully took place today in Wrocław. Surprisingly it was organized by my company – Nokia. Surprisingly, because previous efforts to represent ourselves locally where not as glamorous to say the least and some plainly failed to get off the ground.

Today’s event was pretty great and it looked like money. I do think it should look this way and it finally made visible that Nokia focuses on developers and commits to spend cash on them. If we want to be perceived to be in the same league as Google and Microsoft we need to show off big at times like today.

Scott Meyers certainly was the star of the event and his talk on cashes was great and fun, however thanks to Venkat Subramaniam I got to see a programming stand-up comedy show for the first time. His light and hilarious talks really made my day. Hopefully you can see his functional programming talk here.

Do not hesitate if you have a chance to attend next year!

P.S. yes, I know about PGO for a long time now. I will try it out when I’m done with memory leak detection improvements that are all the rage these days.