3 great movies from T-Mobile New Horizons, 13. International Film Festival 

My favorite film from this festival was Thou Gild’st the Even. A very lyric story said with amazing pictures and heart touching music. For sure it will be available in independent cinemas later so I hope you get to see it too.

Goltzius and the Pelican Company is an erotic tale combining historic drama, humor and biblical art. This weird mix is a real fun to watch thanks to the strong main plot. If you are not discouraged by nudeness, as there is plenty of it.

If you like Mad Men or Gabriel Garcia Bernal or good documentaries this movie is for you. Witness the war over Chilean hearts through television commercials in No.

Apart from that notable movies I’ve been to were Betty Blue, Tabu (both beautiful romance tales) and Shield of Straw (Japanese samurai-like thriller).

I was able to only take part in three days of the festival as suddenly my personal life attacked during this week moving me between Szczecin (family and friends), Wrocław (festival), Warsaw (Depeche Mode concert) and Prague (bachelor party). Hey, where did my steady, boring life go?