I’d Love To Change The World

It’s all a bit gloomy with my wife moving temporarily to Germany to pursue her doctorate. On top of that I’ve recently changed departments (after growing roots in the last one for 6 years) and I am now starting almost from scratch. So I went on to reflect for a moment and tried to put my life in a perspective. That led to some weird findings.

First I tried to calculate my remaining life span. DeathClock is a straightforward site just for that (and here is mine 43 years countdown).

Surprisingly, few clicks away were the Worldometers, a set of global counters based on heavy government and organizations data. Just few looks lets you spot that:

  • Twice many people are born as die?!
  • Twice many people are fat as starving.
  • 5% of worlds healthcare money goes to cure obesity in USA alone.
  • Demand for TV sets is 80 times lower than for computers.
  • 1/2 of people in the world use Internet.
  • Poeple are tweeting 226 times more frequently than blogging.
  • Gasoline will run out in 39 years (that means I will live to see it!).
  • Luckily natural gas will be around for 163 years. My car runs on it already.
  • We still have coal for 413 years.
  • The number of people with HIV/AIDS is almost the same as the total number of people in Poland.

The site authors have other cool things going as well: Internet stats and Money meters.

Those sites are important, because they show you the real data and let you do the thinking. If you watched the Nightcrawler recently, you get the idea how news do everything but that.

In the end I got to some other site that promised to exactly project my remaining lifespan based on detailed input options. I meddled with them for 5 minutes, pressed “Calculate” and the site said:
Date of my death
(NaN means Not-a-Number, error in computation)