Wh40k autumn tournament spree summary

Wraithlord and the beasts

Wraithlord in deployment

After the tournament in Zielona góra I went on a tournament spree – first a Master class tournament in Kraków called Arena 2k13 and then Championships of Łódź. For the master class tournament you have to have your full army painted so two weeks of my life went by on being glued to the aerograph which settled on desk for good.

The effort payed of and I was able to win 4 out of 5 battles in Kraków and finish 22nd / 64 players. The tournament was held in primary school and we stayed there for the night. Playing four hands piano in music class past midnight – priceless.

The next tournament in Łódź didn’t turn out for me that well. I lost all 3 battles and was next to last. So lame.

Now I need to skip some tournaments as my personal life kicked in. Having painted army feels good and the weeks spent on that were well worth it.

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