My first Warhammer 40k Challenger class tournament

Hulk smash!

Hulk smash!

Some people have rabbits, some people are computer geeks and some make war with miniatures. Well, I count in all those three categories. With my brave colleagues from our wargaming forum we set out to conquer a nearby city of Zielona Góra with our majestic armies during a wine fest.

Apart from totally loosing 6 of 7 battles I awfully played it gave a great occasion to indulge in wine, poker (somebody found a real poker table at the tournament premises!) and most importantly to meet fun people from all around the country. It was so fun I’ll be attending tournament in Kraków at the end of this month and in Łódź next month.

The wine fest in Zielona Góra is also worth noting. The city center is full of little stalls of local wine makers. Numerous concerts and events take place. All though many stalls seem to repeat the pattern of: chimney cookies, bread with lard, candy floss, sausage and forged perfumes, the whole thing has a pleasant and lively bazaar atmosphere. I will certainly go there next year only for this festival.

Some pictures of gaming tables can be found here.