Ultimate computer chair – DXRacer

Cyber-immersion station. Can you find the rabbit?

The chair shipped in just 2 days and took 20 minutes to assemble (excluding the time to put ice on hurt hand due to improper handling of the backrest spring and the time to squeeze the bulky box to a sedan).

I had a ‘comfortable’ computer chair before but the synthetic material rubbed up and I kept bending down while on it since the backrest was poorly profiled. Knowing some alternative high-end (or rather high-price) chairs I set out for a search of chair noble of my bottom. Spending whole weekends on Coursera hurt my back so far so I was determined to go for the pricey chairs.

Two of my colleagues broke their Markus IKEA chairs so they were of the list. Quickly I stumbled upon the DXRacer and anything remotely good was 2x the price so I looked no further.

Don’t buy this Markus chair – it breaks

The box was quite heavy and bulky so I you’re a kid or small frame it is best to get some help with it. The contents scared me a bit. I have to many IKEA furniture upon installation of which I said too many curses. Luckily the installation process was quick and most of the screws and details were already in place.

And then I sat down.. Immediate relief and feeling of money well spent. Why, oh why had I not bought it earlier!

Apart from being very comfortable (back and head cushions included) you can adjust the angle of the back down to total flat, which is really cool. Up and down adjustments are standard, there is the tilt mode and armrest level. Sadly you can’t adjust the angle of the armrest.

Despite being made in PRC the chair is of fine quality. The making of the chair, the backrest and the bottom is even more detailed and cool than you see on the pictures.

I bought the D-series model OH/D91/N and the bottom is a bit to long for me so if you don’t have long legs or thick bottom I would recommend the F-series. And I do recommend the DXRacer chair 🙂

Edit: after publishing this I got more reports from my friends on those IKEA Markus chairs braking down.