One Google Glass Developer Preview for me, please

Google does have a subtle style

My wife took me to Google Glass talk on our University. Some time ago I looked up their currently limited API so I already knew that it is not going to be augmented reality come true. However it was nice to hear it from one of the 3 Poles who actually own the device and talk about Glass limitations and possibilities. Of course I was hoping to see it live but supposedly they broke 3 days earlier.

To sum up the preview:

  • Glass is a notification bar with built-in camera.
  • Battery life sucks.
  • You operate by swiping the middle area on the right side or by voice.
  • If you do it by voice battery is drained fast.
  • The GPS navigation experience is great (you have to have the GPS in the phone in your pocket though).
  • The Glass screen is little and not suited for longer use, watching movies, playing games, etc.
  • It will for sure be useful in trades and sports that require hands to be free.
  • ..but it won’t replace your smartphone.
  • Until SDK is out the API is very poor and allows only for making simple notification apps. You probably should target your cash cow app to other Android devices.
  • It runs Android 4.0.4 as of now. People flashed it with Ubuntu and made first porn apps (banned already) so far.
  • There must be many weird people on streets in San Francisco since allegedly nobody is putting any special attention to ~8000 Glass “Explorers” who are roaming the streets.

My personal feeling is that it is not going to be next big thing but it breaches the frontier of augmented reality, miniaturization and most importantly – telepresence because of the video streaming feature.

Google Developers Group group organizing the event dropped some gadgets that will fit my collection of industry t-shirts nicely (the HTML5 logo is so hype):